8 Bad Sleep Habits To Overhaul For Spring

8 Bad Sleep Habits To Overhaul For Spring

Posted By Jack Ross on Mar 2, 2020

There is such a thing as getting a little too lax with your sleep goals when it’s cold and wintry and your motivation freezes. But now that spring is here, you’re ready to clean up your act in bed. We can help. These eight, sleep-stealing habits have got to go. Your spring sleep overhaul starts now.


8. Bad sleep habit: Eating a big comfort meal too close to bedtime

That late-night snack of caramel popcorn seemed like the perfect compliment to your fuzzy warm socks and hot cocoa. But you may have noticed that eating sweets before going to sleep made you toss and turn in bed, have bad dreams, and wake up feeling groggy.

Your spring overhaul: Avoid eating a large meal three hours before bed, especially if you have reflux, experts suggest. And steer clear of high-sugar or spicy sleep-disruptors, like chocolate ice cream or Thai curry.

Electronics In Bed

7. Bad sleep habit: Using electronics in bed

We’ve all been there — whether it’s watching countless cat videos or sending one … last … email before you fall asleep. While it might seem convenient to text under the covers, research shows exposure to blue light from electronics disrupts sleep. And then there’s the whole “compulsively-checking-if-you- got-a-text-back” thing.

Your spring overhaul: Commit to putting your phone out of your room (or across the room, at least) before you go to sleep, experts say. You’ll be surprised how much more rest you can get when you’re not tethered to your tech, physically and emotionally.

How To Sleep Cool

6. Bad sleep habit: Sleeping too hot

One of the joys of winter is turning your bed into a toaster oven and baking yourself in warmth with stacks on stacks of covers. But that doesn’t work very well in spring, and experts say the ideal room temperature for sleep is between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Your spring overhaul: Splash some cool water on your face before bed or take a bath or shower to help regulate your body temperature, until you feel as cool as a cucumber.


5. Bad sleep habit: Oversleeping

There’s nothing more fun than sleeping in when it’s frigid outside. Unfortunately, oversleeping can be just as bad for you as not getting enough shut-eye every night. Experts say that when you oversleep, you can disrupt your natural circadian rhythm and neurotransmitters involved with sleep, like serotonin.

Your spring overhaul: Splash some cool water on your face before bed or take a bath or shower to help regulate your body temperature, until you feel as cool as a cucumber.

Eating Late At Night

4. Bad sleep habit: Too much sugary food

With so much time spent indoors, it’s no wonder you’ve been cookie-bingeing while binge-watching all the Game of Thrones episodes. Here’s the thing: Sugar causes a rush of chemicals, like insulin and dopamine, that can disrupt normal sleep patterns and reduce sleep quality.

Your spring overhaul: Try swapping that afternoon or late-night sweet craving with a snack that includes carbs, protein, fiber, and healthy fats, like an apple or banana with a smear of peanut butter.

Watching TV

3. Bad sleep habit: Not enough physical activity

You probably have cabin fever from being in the house so long, but at the same time the only thing you want to do is lounge around in your pajamas. Come bedtime, you’re restless and wondering why.

Your spring overhaul: Go for a walk outdoors. Research shows that exercise boosts the effect of melatonin, a hormone important for sleep. In one study, women who exercised more than three hours a week slept better than those who worked out less. Take and end the day with these relaxing yoga poses in bed.

Messy Bedroom

2. Bad sleep habit: A messy bedroom

Keeping things neat in winter is no small feat: Clothes pile up on the floor; dishes and takeout containers pile up everywhere else. You just want to dive under the covers to avoid the mess until spring. Which is now.

Your spring overhaul: Make your bed as soon as you wake up. Doing that one thing can start the momentum for a productive day and the spring cleaning project you know is in your near future.

1. Setting unrealistic sleep goals

One minute you’re motivated to head to bed on time; the next minute, you’re watching juicer infomercials at 3am. You’re not alone.

Your spring overhaul: Experts say the best way to reach your goals is to make them small and attainable. Set an intention to get a good night’s sleep tonight. Just for tonight. After that, take it one night at a time. Before you know it, you’ll be the one doling out advice about sleep.

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