5 Ways Couples Can Increase Productivity Before Bedtime

5 Ways Couples Can Increase Productivity Before Bedtime

Modern life has never been harder for couples. Not only do we have to deal with finding a potential partner in the terrible morass that is online dating, but once we’re together with someone we love, we’re dealing with a host of other distractions. Our jobs, social media, even pets (and kids) can pull our attention away from each other, making bedtime a flurried rush to the finish line. Let’s face it: that’s not good for you, it’s not good for your partner, and it’s definitely not good for your relationship.

Bedtime should be about getting reconnected, about breaking down each other’s days and planning for the days and weeks ahead. Don’t think of it as indulgent, planning and communicating before bed is a perfect time to increase your productivity for your short term future. It’s good for you and your relationship. We’ve come up with some great ways that you and your partner can maximize that time while still keeping the bedroom a sacred space.

Ask Each Other About Your Days

This may seem dumb or obvious, but being able to get to bed early is often about the release of tension and anxiety that has built up during the day. You and your partner may not even realize how this anxiety can affect you on a physical level. Talking it out and breaking it down is a really great way to compartmentalize some of the stressors that may be keeping you up at night. Not only that, it increases communication and trust, which in turn creates better intimacy for you and your partner. Make this a part of your regular routine, and you’ll enjoy sleep that’s quicker, richer, and more productive.

Ditch the Screens Right Before Bed

While it may be tempting to answer that last email or send one more text, it’s important to keep your sleep space sacred for your and your partner. The reason for this is two-fold. First, there’s a physiological reaction happening every time you look at the screen of a computer, phone, or tablet. Blue light reacts with your retinas to produce brain chemicals that keep you awake and alert — basically the exact opposite of what you want before bed. Second, your mind goes into work mode instead of relaxing and savoring the act of rest, creating a bad cognitive dissonance right before bed. Instead, try reading a book next to your partner for a nice change of pace without the backlit screen.

Get Physically Reacquainted With Each Other

Sometimes this is the easiest thing to skip, but it’s also the most important. Couples who express their intimacy physically with each other on a regular basis enjoy longer relationships, better communication, and yes, better sleep. When you have sex, you release a potent mixture of melatonin and oxytocin, the two biggest sleep inducing chemicals your body produces. It will help you not only sleep faster, but better, leaving you feeling refreshed and recharged in the morning and ready to start the day.

Plan Out Tomorrow Together

This is a trick to help with anxiety. Instead of being a slave to your phone, try making a list of all the things that you and your partner need to get done tomorrow. The act of putting pen to paper and planning out that process will actually calm your brain and get you in a place of rest. The next day, make sure to cross out each item as you both complete them off the list. The visual reminder of completion helps to instill a sense of accomplishment and progress, which leads to less stress and better productivity.

Sleep More!

Sleeping is the best thing you can do to affect your productivity. If you’re not getting eight hours a night, then you’re doing it wrong. Make time to sleep and feel the difference. There’s all kinds of evidence to suggest that well slept people are better listeners, better decision makers, and definitively more productive than their under-slept counterparts. If you’re worried that you need to be more productive the next day, the best decision you and your partner came make is to be better slept. Wondering if y’all are getting enough sleep? Read our blog about it and find out! You’ll wake up with a new set of eyes to see the world, your job, and most importantly your relationship. Don’t sweat the small stuff, with a good partner and plenty of time in a great bed the rest of the world will sort out itself.

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