5 Easy Ways to Turn Your Space Into a Luxury Bedroom

Posted By Ian on Sep 10, 2018

A bedroom is a private sanctuary, a decompression point in the home, space where you can be you. There’s nothing better than curling up in your bed after a long day and feeling that sense of reassurance and rest wash over your tired body. That being said, sometimes it’s time for a change. The luxury bedroom is an idea that everyone can get behind. Whether you’re remodeling one of your guest bedrooms, or you want to spruce up your current sleep spot, a luxury bedroom can make going to sleep that much more enjoyable.


The only problem is that finding that luxury in your own house can be a chore. You acquire clutter, your linens don’t match, maybe you’re still using that comforter you’ve had since college. Whatever the reason, sometimes your space can feel a little more like something out of a deranged kids movie than a real bedroom. Well, it’ time to rest easy, because we’ve got some simple tips to turn your favorite room into the luxury bedroom of your dreams… literally.


Think About Your Space and Accentuate What’s Beautiful

Look at your bedroom and figure out what you love about it. Do you have high ceilings? Tall windows that look out over a beautiful vista? Maybe it’s a cozy little nook that is just perfect for sleep. Whatever it is, that’s also what you’re going to want to emphasize as you change this space into a luxury room. Place your bed so that you can enjoy the benefits of the space, and arrange other furniture and room accessories so that you have

Choose a Serene Color Palette and Stick With It

Unless you’re an interior designer, you may not be thinking about how a room jives together when you’re purchasing individual room supplies. Maybe the paint came one year, the bed another, with drapes that have been there since the Eisenhower administration. Don’t take a passive role in your decoration, do that and you’ll have a hodge-podge of junk instead of the luxury bedroom you deserve.


Try picking a nice, light neutral tone like cream, coffee, or light blue and then figuring out ways to fit existing pieces into that color scheme. If it doesn’t flow, then it’s got to go. We’re not saying you have to replace every piece of furniture in the first year of your luxury bedroom, but make sure to think about how all new purchases work within the framework of what you’ve already got. That way you’ll always be building towards something you’ll love. A color palette is a quick and easy way to inject a little style into your space and give you the luxury bedroom you’ve always wanted.

Choose the Right Lights and Follow the Window Treatment Formula

It doesn’t matter how nice your color palette is if it’s under super harsh lighting. Buy low-watt bulbs for use in the bedroom (think 40 watts or lower) to keep soft lighting that will beckon you into your luxury bedroom no matter the time of day. Try to avoid overhead lighting, it’s better if your light can come from floor and desk lamps. This will give you an old time luxury bedroom feel that’s similar to the ones you find in swank hotels.


Similarly, think about how your windows work. Do you have large windows? This can be great during the day, but if you want to sleep when there’s any amount of light left, you’ll have to follow this simple formula. Always combine a lightweight sheet curtain with a blackout curtain. Having both allows for flexibility. You can let some light in during the day, but always have the blackout curtain for extra light filtering, privacy, and even softness. Avoid large droopy material, not only does it look gross, it also collects dust and allergens that could hurt your sleep.

Triple Sheeting is a Luxury Hotel Trick That Works

Triple sheeting is a technique that a ton of high-end hotels use to add a crisp and clean feel to their beds. Basically, you do exactly what the name implies, stick a think blanket or cover between two freshly starched sheets. It’s a cost-effective way to give a luxury bedroom flare to your sleep space — the blanket can be laundered far less often, and it eliminates the need for a duvet cover. Find a quality blanket that you love, nice sheets, and try this sandwiching technique, tucking everything in tight. You’ll be amazed at how this simple trick can work wonders on a bed.

Little Accents Bring out the Luxury in Luxury Bedroom

Whether it’s a high-quality candle or fresh cut flowers, the makeover of a space to a luxury bedroom is all about doing the little things. Little things make a big difference. It’s not just about how it looks (though this is super important), it’s about creating a feast for your senses. Your sense of smell might not be the first thing you think of for a good night’s sleep, but it’s often the difference between creating a really special place and the ho-hum. If you’re looking for the luxury bedroom of your dreams, try adding some fresh cut flowers every couple days in a nice vase and see if it doesn’t change your outlook a little.


No matter what your style, luxury bedrooms always have one thing in common — an awesome bed. Take the plunge on a DreamCloud today and feel the difference that a real bed makes. It’s a hybrid luxury without the luxury price. Grab one today and get $300 off your purchase!