Nap Tips For A Fresh 4th Of July

Nap Tips For A Fresh 4th Of July

The 4th of July might be the sneaky best holiday of the year. You get to hang out with friends and family, enjoy beautiful weather, and eat amazing grill food. Follow all that up with a night of fireworks and strawberry shortcake, and you’ve got a holiday that even Christmas might be jealous of. That being said, it takes a lot of energy to make it through the day, enough so that a power nap can really be a useful tool in making sure that you don’t wear out before the fireworks start.


Napping is no joke, besides making you smarter, it’s a great way to get that quick shot of energy you need before finishing off the day in style. Long the purview of the elderly and children, naps are making a big comeback in 2018. Don’t sleep on this new trend, use the Fourth of July as a trial run to see just how good a nap can make your life. Here’s the dirt on how to get the most from your power nap.

This 4th of July Give Yourself a 30 Minute Limit So Your Sleep Cycle Doesn’t Shift

Like many things in life (including fireworks and hotdogs), naps are best experienced in small doses. While it might sound amazing to take an hour long nap in the middle of the day, chances are you’re going to mess up your sleep cycle by making that power nap just a little too long. For best results, make sure your nap isn’t longer than a half hour. The optimal length for a restful nap that won’t mess with your REM cycle is between 20-30 minutes.


Ideally you could wake up naturally during that time period, but if you’re new to naps and need a little practice, it’s good to set an alarm. While you might want to sleep through it, we recommend not — doing so can keep you up late at night. 30 minutes has been found to be the optimal time for a power nap, enough to let your body recharge, but not so long as to fall into a deep REM sleep.

Don’t Nap After 4 PM

If you’re in need of a nap on the Fourth of July, try to make it before your guests come over. The best time to sleep is between noon and four pm, when your circadian rhythm is at its lowest. That’s why planning ahead to get prep work done is a great idea, you can sneak away for a quick power nap before your guests arrive. That way you’ll be good to go and full of energy once the party starts. Dozing off in front of the grill is a big no-no.

Something is Better Than Nothing: The Value of a 10 Minute Nap

Fourth of July is a super busy holiday, and as such you might feel stressed for time. If you don’t seem to have enough of it for a full thirty minute nap, even a quick ten minutes of shut eye can have beneficial effects before your party. A 2002 study found that even a ten minute nap can increase feelings of alertness and energy. That can be the difference maker when you’re feeling stressed and tired from playing host all day.


“We do see value in those kind of naps, absolutely,” says Michael Breus, a Doctor and Sleep Expert, about the super-short nap.


As always a nap is never a substitute for a full night’s rest, though adding a power nap to your schedule can make for a great extra energy boost. This Fourth of July use the nap the way our forefathers intended, so you can party like it’s 1776!


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