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7 Things You Wish Had A 365-Night Trial Like DreamCloud

By Jack Ross

Buying anything comes with some inherent level of risk. If you don’t like it, you’re either stuck with it or have to deal with the hassle of returning it. Don’t you wish you could “test drive” a product—and we mean, really try it out for a long period of time—with the promise of an effortless return and full refund, if you’re not happy? Of course you do!

The best trial period we’ve ever heard of is from DreamCloud mattress. They give you a full year to sleep on their bed in your home, and they’ll take it back if you’re not happy. No risk. No regret. Which got us thinking: What other things in life would we love to try for a year before we commit? See if you agree.

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1. Non-Stick Frying Pan

You’re making burgers in your new non-stick pan but the patty … just … won’t …. FLIP. So you try again, this time with a decent coating of cooking oil just to be safe. It works! You start to celebrate until you remember that the whole point of buying the pan was so you wouldn’t have to use cooking oil.

Good luck trying to convince customer service that the product is defective–and getting your money back.

2. Treadmill

That new year fitness resolution made so much sense on January 2. And the $1,200 price tag for a new piece of at-home cardio equipment seemed like a reasonable investment. Flash forward to Memorial Day, and you’ve used your indoor track twice in five months, and your ROI is zero. Not to mention, once summer rolls around, you realize you can run (gasp!) outdoors. Suddenly, it feels like you gave your money to a bad car salesman.

3. Fancy Blender

We’ve all been there—hypnotized by an infomercial—poised to take our green-smoothie game to the next level. Splurging on a magic super mixer 9000 feels so right. But $500 later (not including the $100 spent on produce), you’re left with a pulpy mess of chunky soup. Delicious? More like deceiving.

4. Loud Roommates

He started out like a normal person. Now he won’t stop auditioning for “Making the Band 2” and playing the drums while you’re trying to sleep. Too bad there’s no return policy on roommates.

5. Sneakers

You get maybe 90 seconds in the store to see how your feet feel in a new pair of shoes.

You think you like them, until you wear them in real life and get a blister. Unfortunately, if they look even a little bit worn, you’re stuck without a refund (and shoes you hate).

6. Cars

What other investment depreciates almost half its value once you buy it? Not to mention, the moment it’s yours, you start thinking, ‘I should’ve gotten an SUV in the color I really wanted!’ Too bad. The car is yours, the salesman is thrilled, and the commission is paid.

7. Houses

You fell in love with this home–it had the floor plan, charm, and neighborhood you wanted (and you had to get away from that loud roommate!). So you signed the papers, and moved in. Then, you realize the things you thought were “character,” like the creaky floors and radiator heating, are dysfunctional nightmares. Sorry, there’s no changing your mind on this purchase.

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