12 Pets In Our Favorite Sleeping Positions

By Chee Gates

It’s true what they say: Pets are just like us, especially when it comes to sleeping positions. Seeing how these fur babies get their zzzs on is like looking in a mirror. Enjoy!

The Classic Spoon

Every couple of every species knows the comfort of this sleeping position.

The Arm-Length Cuddle

Come close. But not too close. Kitty needs space.

The Spa Nap

Cucumber slices now. Botox shots later.

The Dangling Arm

If you like it, then you should’ve put a ring on it.

The Precious Moment

Please, please don’t make us choose which one is cuter.

The Flexible Fetal Position

Curling into a ball and touching her nose to her feet. That’s talent.

The Side Drool

Drool clean-up is easiest on hard surfaces.

The Belly-Up

Perfect for belly rubs, back-scratches, and total-body stretching.

The Sofa Doze

You watched ALL of your Netflix recommended movies in one weekend. Excellent work.

The Block-The-Light Pose

Who pulled the blackout curtain off the rod and forgot to put it back?

The Buried-In-The-Blanket Pose

All you need is a little cut-out, so you can breathe.

The Upright Nap

“Resting your eyes” isn’t just for grandparents—it’s for everyone.