7 Things I Learned From Sleeping On A DreamCloud Mattress

By Devin Lambert

Ever since I threw my back out in college in idiotic fasion (it involved a poorly timed backflip and a trampoline), sleeping comfortably had been a struggle.

You’d think I would’ve invested in a really good mattress over the past decade, but you’d be wrong. I slept on the same poor excuse for a bed for the past 8 years. Something had to change. This past New Year’s, I made a resolution to start putting my health first, starting with getting the best mattress on the market. That’s when I found DreamCloud. Now that I’m getting good sleep, I realize what I’ve been missing. Here’s what my DreamCloud taught me:

1. Sleeping on a good mattress is everything

This one seems like a no-brainer, but I didn’t realize how much I was cheating myself by hanging onto my pitiful college mattress for way too long. Whether it was nostalgia or stubbornness, I finally understand that good sleep is essential. Today, I reap the benefits of sleeping on a mattress that actually supports my body, so I wake up feeling like a well-rested human.

2. But a mattress can’t make up for bad sleep habits

When I was sleeping on my old, rickety mattress, I used to scroll through my phone minutes before falling asleep, and would never take time to stretch or relax before bed. But once I started sleeping better, I began to notice how detrimental those habits were, and how they don’t fit into the lifestyle I want. Now I leave my phone out of my bedroom and avoid Instagram and Snapchat for at least 30 minutes before bed. It’s a start.

3. Pillows and sheets matter just as much as the mattress

I used to think sheets and pillows were just accessories you put on a bed. Now I know they’re functional things that can improve your sleep. I can’t imagine laying my head on anything other than DreamCloud’s memory foam pillow that contours my neck and head perfectly. And if I go one night without the soft, cooling feel of their percale cotton sheets, I’m not a nice guy in the morning. I’ll never go back to lumpy pillows or scratchy sheets again.

4. A weighted blanket is a life-changer

Stepping up my sleep game meant trying new things—a weighted blanket was one of them. Studies show it can help boost the feel-good hormone serotonin and lower the stress hormone cortisol. Lucky for me, DreamCloud makes weighted blankets. I’m not ashamed to admit that when I get home from work, I wrap myself in my weighted blanket, and my anxiety seems to fade away.

5. Sleeping hot is not my fate in life

I used to sweat in my sleep all the time, and I didn’t think I could do anything about it. But with DreamCloud’s breathable technology, my body temperature stays nice and cool, and I don’t wake up at 3 a.m. with my shirt stuck to my back. Bonus: Less laundry for me to do.

6. I’m reading in bed (for the first time)

This might sound weird, but I’ve always wanted to read in bed but never could because my mattress felt like a bag of golf balls. Now that I have a DreamCloud, I pick up a new book once a month and read for about 30 minutes until my eyes give out. I’ve read more books in five months than I had in five years.

7. Sleeping well makes you want to live well

For me, everything begins and ends with a good night’s sleep. Taking a yoga class before work, packing a healthy lunch, finishing my Spanish lesson after work — I’m doing all those things now because I’m rested and motivated. If you’ve been sleeping on your goals, you might just need a better mattress, like I did.

Take it from me: Good sleep on a quality mattress is the best investment you can make. Try a DreamCloud today.