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DreamCloud Pajama Program

Dream Big… Big enough to give every child across the United States a good night, for a good day.

Thousands of children will go to sleep tonight uncertain about the day that lies ahead. For reasons beyond their control, they may wake up to face an unpredictable, sometimes chaotic environment. That’s why we’re advocating to support soothing bedtime routines for children affected by instability, to make a positive difference in their lives

At DreamCloud, we believe in the safe, comforting feeling that a warm bed and caring bedtime ritual can provide, especially for families affected by instability. By working with Pajama Program, together we advocate for the Good Night Rights of children nationwide, to provide better sleep for better days ahead.

By purchasing your DreamCloud mattress through the link below, we’ll donate a portion of sales to help provide a loving good night to children throughout America

DreamCloud Pajama Program